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Amazing technology in modern hearing aids is now available!

Today's hearing aids are better than ever! They are smaller and can be tuned to your specific hearing problems.

Hearing loss can be an isolating problem. As people get older it is nearly universal to loose some degree of hearing.

Allergies are one of the most common problems in our modern society.

Thyroid nodules and cancers, hoarseness, skin cancers, and chronic tonsillitis

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Meet Our Providers

Dr David Sycamore MD

Dr David Sycamore MDDr Sycamore is an allergist and board certified otolaryngologist or ear, nose, and throat specialist. He treats allergies with allergy shots, sublingual allergy drops, and medications as needed. He performs ENT surgeries as needed on kids and adults. He is friendly and approachable.
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Brae McDougald MA CCC-A

Brae McDougald MA, CCC-ABrae has been practicing as an audiologist almost ten years now. She joined Parkway Ear Nose and Throat in late 2013. She performs hearing tests, sells and services hearing aids. She loves talking with people and working to make your hearing the best it can possibly be.
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